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Dream Sailing Itinerary: Dubrovnik

The Pearl of the Adriatic, the treasure of Croatia or King’s Landing. Whatever you want to call it, Dubrovnik is a stunning city and a perfect destination to embark on a sailing adventure. The charming limestone streets crossing the history-filled town, the exquisite baroque architecture, set against a background of deep blue Adriatic Sea. All of this and much more create a unique backdrop and set everything right for the holiday of a lifetime.

Situated on the southern side of the Adriatic Coast, Dubrovnik offers the perfect beginning for our Dream Sailing Itinerary. It provides access to numerous other small islands and beautiful coastal points. Sailing from Dubrovnik opens the way to a bunch of picturesque national parks, cozy Mediterranean fishing villages, and stunning architecture from different periods.

Previously, we offered you A Dream Sailing Itinerary from Zadar, and we recommend you check it out. However, Croatia has so much to offer we just can’t stop there. This one-week sailing itinerary from Dubrovnik will give you even more opportunities to explore the beautiful country of Croatia! Let’s dive in, and don’t forget to contact the Team of Tubber if you have any questions.

Day One – Dubrovnik to Kobas

Starting this one week adventure in Dubrovnik, you’ll need to check-in, get food and water supplies for the trip and make sure you have everything you need. While in Dubrovnik, the market in the old town is a place you should visit. There you can find fresh produce such as fish, olives, honey, and classic Mediterranean spices. Also, don’t forget Loza and Travarica, strong flavored homemade brandy, which is unique to Dubrovnik. And don’t worry, you will be coming back here at the end of this trip so you will have plenty of time to explore the famous city then. Now it’s time to sail to Kobas!

Famous for its delicious cuisine, Kobaš Bay is the epitome of a healthy Mediterranean diet. Feast on traditional fish dishes paired with fresh vegetables in some of the best restaurants in the area, such as Luka’s Taverna and Gastro Mare Restaurant. Your taste buds will thank us later.

Day Two – Kobas to Sobra

Our next destination is situated on the east end of the Island Mljet and represents another quiet fishing village. Sobra is the ideal destination for the ones who like peaceful relaxation. Small beaches, clear waters, untouched nature. This place charms with its authentic atmosphere. Two-thirds of the island is preserved as a National Park. Therefore you should definitely visit if you enjoy hiking, kayaking, and swimming.

Day Three – Sobra to Korcula

After you have enjoyed the wild nature of Sobra, it’s time to move on to another place that offers a different type of entertainment. Built on the foundation of an ancient Greek colony, Korčula is filled with history. Here you can admire Gothic and Renaissance buildings such as the Cathedral of Saint Mark. An interesting fact about this city is that it is the birthplace of Marco Polo and you can even visit the house where he supposedly lived.

Day Four – Korcula to Zaklopatica

Next, we are heading towards the beautiful island of Lastovo. More specifically to the north side of the island, where the stunning wooded bay of Zaklopatica is situated. Back in 2006, Lastovo was declared a nature park, because 70% of the island is covered by dense forest. It can be said that the islands are uninhabited since there are only a few houses and just three restaurants. It may not be the tourist heaven filled with attractions and spa hotels, but it also doesn’t really need it. Its crystal waters and untouched beaches are a paradise on their own, and since you already have all the luxury you need on your private yacht, you can freely explore and enjoy its beauty.

Day Five – Zaklopatica to Polace

Day 5 of the Dream Dubrovnik Sailing Itinerary will bring you back to Mljet Island, this time to explore the northern coast. Polace as you already probably realized means “palace” and its name comes from the Roman ruins found on the island. Polace is the island’s largest and safest bay, being sheltered by four smaller islands. Another place that is perfect for hiking, kayaking, and swimming.

Day Six – Polace to Sipan

The last stop on this Sailing Itinerary, before returning to Dubrovnik, is Sipan. This beautiful island is the largest of the Elafiti Islands. Therefore there is a lot for you to see. From hiking to the highest point, Velki Vrh (243 meters) to exploring the two villages of the island, Suđurađ, and Šipanska Luka.

Famous for its wine, Sipan is filled with beautiful valleys and rich olive trees. The island offers a perfect mixture between a relaxed atmosphere and historical setting. It is well-known that many wealthy Dubrovnik families have beautiful villas and manors on the island, making its landscape even more interesting for people interested in a bit of architecture.

Day Seven – Sipan to Dubrovnik

On the last day of this fantastic sailing holiday, you have plenty of time to swim, sunbathe, or visit the close by places you missed. We highly recommend you take some time to explore the walls that surround the city of Dubrovnik. Strolling these walls can allow visitors to enjoy breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea while overlooking the red-tiled roofs of the city’s houses.

What do you think? Is this sailing itinerary giving you some inspiration for your next sailing holiday in Croatia? Tell us in the comments below or on our Facebook page! If this is not the route for you, check out our Sailing Itinerary in Dalmatia or our Party Sailing Itinerary in Croatia.