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Discover the beauty of Madagascar

The exciting sailing destination Madagascar is now bookable at Tubber! Discover the untouched nature with 90% flora and fauna that will not be seen anywhere else in the world. Most plants, flowers, and animal species only occur on this unique island. You have the chance to see them by sailing in Madagaskar.

Origin Madagascar

The “red island” is also called Madagascar (the island is about the size of France). Eighty-eight million years ago, the island became detached from the vast continent of Gondwana and India. It gave nature the chance to evolve completely undisturbed. This is why 90% of the flora and fauna in Madagascar cannot be seen anywhere else in the world! The population consists of a mix of Asians, Africans, and Arabs. It has created some truly unique people that have a special blend of cultures and customs. All this makes Madagascar one of the most fantastic places in the world!

View of Baobab trees at sunset

Travel with Tubber through a country filled with birds, lemurs, and reptiles. A country with beautiful mountains consisting of sand, lime, and granite. In the hills, you can have fantastic walks with impressive views. A country with coastal regions that can be seen as the most beautiful beaches in the world, not to mention a place where you can spot whales very well. A country with unique and friendly people that hosts excellent accommodations and fantastic French cuisine!

Sailing in Madagascar

Madagascar has so much more to offer than a traditional tropical island. It provides an ideal mix of culture and nature. During a sailing holiday in Madagascar, you have a great chance of encountering the peace-loving Whale Shark, nail troughs, dolphins, and whales. Swim and sail around the various coral reefs and you will find yourself in a real tropical aquarium.

Between June and November, there is the trade around Madagascar. These are mainly the Avarabe from the northeast and the Talio from the southwest in the afternoon. The temperature averages 25 ° C, while the water stays warm all year round, and in summer, it can even reach 30 ° C sometimes.


Brown frog sitting next to a leaf on the ground

Lemurs whiz through the rainforests and chameleons fool you with their unusual camouflage patterns. There are a lot of animals in Madagascar. Everyone who has the animated film ‘Madagascar’ has seen the abundant animal life on the island. You can find unique animals. Like the tomato frog (a bright red frog), beetles with a neck as long as a giraffe, fossa (combination between cat and ferret), and the Madagascargecko.

Example sailing route Madagascar

Day 1: Nosy Be to Nosy Tanikely – Mamoko

Arrival in Nosy Be in the afternoon to get the necessary information and get acquainted with the boat. Sail to Nosy Tanikely, here you can go ashore and visit the national park of the island. Go swimming and snorkeling with sea turtles and different types of colorful fish. Go to Mamoke, a small island where a village is on an old colonial mansion where giant tortoises slowly stroll through the rainforest.

Day 2: Mamoke – Baie des Russes

A short boat trip from Mamoke. You arrive at the quiet anchorage of Baie des Russes, or the Russian Bay. The peaceful surroundings are the perfect place to moor and explore the coconut-tree-lined island. There are many wild animals such as boar, lemurs and one of the rarest birds of prey in the world: the Pygargue Madagascar. Enjoy a barbecue on the white sandy beaches with other sailors.

Day 3: Baie des Russes – Nosy Iranja

At only 15 minutes from Baie des Russes, you are in Nosy Iranja, also known as ‘Turtle Island This private island is home to a breeding reserve for hawksbill turtles, visitors can see how the endangered turtles come ashore to lay eggs. Be greeted by local, friendly lemurs before swimming and snorkeling. Snorkel among lush corals and an extensive range of fish and other marine life. You may be lucky enough to see beautiful dolphins and whales too. Discover traditional Madagascan cuisine at the Nosy Iranja Lodge. Make sure you ask permission to land before you arrive.

Day 4: Nosy Iranja – Nosy Kalakajoro –

Continue sailing across the Radama Archipelago with a visit to Nosy Kalakajoro, popular with sailors for its pristine beaches and clear waters perfect for snorkeling and swimming. Enthusiastic divers can go on an organized dive to the ‘drop-offs’ of the island, where you come into contact with fantastic sea life with, among other things, rays, grouper, and leopard sharks.

Day 5: Nosy Kalakajoro – Nosy Ovy – Nosy Antanimora

Go to Nosy Ovy, part of the Radama archipelago. Take a trip to the interior to see the Mahabo royal tombs. Walk through the rainforest to the hilltop to look at the tombs. You will encounter impressive flora and fauna along the way, and you may want to visit a coffee plantation. The azure waters around the island are great for snorkeling before heading to Nosy Anatanimora, where you can moor at night. Here you can see locals fishing and stroll through the enchanting sand lagoon. Take a trip to one of the local eateries where you can taste the fish caught by the fishermen and enjoy genuine Madagascan hospitality.

Day 6: Nosy Antanimora – Baramahamay

Depart from Nosy Antanimora and head for Baramahamsy Bay, 27nm away. This beautiful river, surrounded by hills, lush mangroves, small beaches, and flowering palm trees. The waters offer reef and ambient scuba diving where you can see a variety of colorful marine life. Visit the village Marohariva where the locals are friendly and behold the trade-in freshly caught fish. Enjoy a barbecue with delicious freshly picked fish on the beach with fellow sailors.

Day 7: Baramahamay – Nosy Be

This is the last day of your adventurous sailing in Madagascar and you will return to base.