Caribbean Holiday Destinations

Cuba: The Pearl of the Antilles

Cuba is a place of unexplainable magic. A country overflowing with history, tradition, and culture. A beautiful land blessed with blooming nature, and a great location for a sailing holiday. It's a precious jewel, a pearl hidden away in the Antilles. It's a place which's beauty is frequently misunderstood, hard to grasp, layered. Exploring Cuba is a new type of adventure. Behind its poor man's coat lingers golden dust and common assumptions lay abandoned as the unexpected, the unique and exciting takes over. This is a journey for those that look for exhilarating experiences and authentic encounters.

That being said, we hope you realize that one has to see Cuba to know Cuba. And even then, there is still no way to know if you have discovered its magical secrets. Even then, one’s journey can be utterly different from another’s. However, a few aspects remain the same. Like how every adventure there is characterized by the people – bold, joyful, imaginative. Like the blissful weather, the stone engraved history, the breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea flowing over white sands.

These are the everlasting characteristics of Cuba we will discuss with you today. This guide cannot portray the soul of Cuba that can only be witnessed in person. However, hopefully, it will serve as a door. An open window to the sailing destination of a lifetime, to an experience that you will never forget…

Cuba’s Historical Architecture

Almost as if this place has been frozen in time, we can hardly observe modern influence in Cuba. Colonial cities, charm travelers with their authentic Caribbean look and spread all over this one of a kind country. Cities such as Havana, Trinidad, and Remedios are full of atmosphere and classic architecture. From glorious squares to cobbled streets whispering tales of both richness and poverty. In Cuba, opposites meet, and mixtures between completely renovated colorful buildings resting against ruins are not a rare sight.

Luckily, thanks to private investments, many of these heirlooms are being renovated. Once aging dowagers of a building, now morphing into spectacular hotels, retro-themed restaurants, and monuments that proudly carry weighty cultural and historical heritage.

Weather & Nature

Cuba is known for having two seasons. One in which the rains are constant, and hurricanes threaten the life and the season in which you want to visit. The dry season, lasting from December to May is the time to be in Cuba and enjoy the bright sun in places such as Varadero. A heavenly beach for which Cuba is also known for.

Its gorgeous sandy coastline, however, is just one of the jewels in the nature crown this country is wearing. The nature of Cuba is rich and diverse, with orchids, cacti, and palms covering the island. The fauna, however, does not stay behind with more than 300 bird species calling this paradise their home.

Beyond the Beaches

The beaches of Cuba are a blessing, and there is no arguing with that. However, as mentioned, this is a place that has more than one layer. And the deeper one dares to explore, the bigger the reward. Be curious and go beyond the white stripes of sand to a land where fecund forests, abandoned coffee plantations, and secret-filled mountains lay. We advise you to get off the beaten track and seek out the adventure Cuba is eager to offer.

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We pay special attention to the capital of Cuba, the place that has inspired many, such as the singer Camilla Cabello, who couldn’t have said it better. “Half of my heart is in Havana, ooh-na-na” and yes, we agree, since most people feel like that after visiting this peculiar, unexplainably beautiful city. With its atmospheric colonial streets and salsa energy overflowing from every home, this city remains strikingly beautiful despite years of neglect.

Having survived two wars for independence, a revolution, and a US trade embargo, the history and memory kept in the air ricochets from the walls. And if you come here with a list of questions, you might as well throw it away and prepare for all the surprises that come your way. Because this is just how this city is. Wild, impossible to fully grasp and seductive for those with an open mind and soul.

City of Art

We will not compare Cuba to Paris or New York since the art culture here is different. Just like everything else. However, this city without question is the birthplace and playground of many artists. People who live to challenge cultural elites and freedom boundaries. Today we display the work of grand people such as Escalera, who started painting black slaves in the 18th century, in the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Meanwhile, a new, young, fast, and even more daring scene of talented artists is taking over Havana’s contemporary art scene.

Sailing in Cuba

Cuba is located just south of the United States, east of Mexico and north of South-America. We know Cuba mainly for the Castro regime, big cigars, and old cars. There are only a few people who also know Cuba for the perfect sailing destination that it is.

With its warm climate all year round, calm and steady winds and natural Cuba is the dream of any sailor. Furthermore, the island also has a reliable maritime infrastructure. About 20 marinas and nautical centers scattered around Cuba warmly welcome yachts under all flags and offer all the needed amenities.