Wine Bar Hvar – Start Wine Clubbing in Croatia

If you are heading out on your first sailing holiday or consider boat renting in Croatia, you will be astonished by the beauty of the country. If you’re expecting nothing but rows of nightclubs and your typical bars filled with hard liquor and beers, then you are truly mistaken.

Wine Clubbing in Croatia

Although all of those do exist, there is a whole new genre in town when it comes to beverages; and that is the fantastic wine bars that seem to be popping up nearly every other month. Croatian’s party scene has always been a crazy one that draws in all types of people from all corners of the globe. Besides, enjoying delicious cocktails and partying the nights away, guests of Croatia – and in particular, Hvar City – also like to indulge in some of the region’s best wines. Though there are many wine bars scattered throughout, one seems to really take the cake as far as experience, selection, and overall atmosphere goes, and that’s Red Red Wine located in Hvar City. So, all you wine connoisseurs, get ready to experience hundreds of fantastic wines guaranteed to make your time there all the sweeter and more enjoyable.

Red Red Wine Bar Hvar

You remember that popular UB40 song, Red Red Wine don’t you? How that perfectly timed rhythm made you sway along and hit right at the center of your soul? Well, although it may not be on repeat at this fantastic Hvar wine bar, you can bet everything about this place will have just the same effect on you from the moment you walk through its rock wall door to the moment you take that last sip of delicious wine. Recently launched and seeing only success in the past months of being opened, Red Red Wine Bar in Hvar (Kroz Burak Street) is undoubtedly a place worth checking out. Here’s why…

Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff

Step right in and be greeted by a welcoming and smiling staff member or more likely, the owner himself, Bruno! Whether you have a degree in wine varietals or you can barely tell red from white, everyone at Red Red Wine Bar is there to make sure you are satisfied, comfortable, and get the best of the best.

Hundreds of Selections

From award-winning wines of the region to some you may have never even heard of, Red Red Wine Bar offers its guests selections of hundreds of wines to choose from. If you simply cannot make a decision on which ones to try, let them help you out! Better yet, consider taking one of the wine tours they offer there and gain an even better understanding of what makes this place so fantastic.

Romantic Vibe

People drinking wine with lights on a yacht

If you happen to be traveling with your sweetheart or say you just found a new one on your holiday, this spot is the absolutely prime location to set the mood and sink into an evening filled with both fun and romantic vibes. Low lights, intriguing decorations, comfortable furniture, and the sound of local guitar artists strumming along is guaranteed to set the mood you’ve been in search of.

No matter when, where, or what wine bars you decide to check out while in Croatia, you are certain to make plenty of long-lasting memories to look back on for many years to come. Check our sailing route and create your own wine clubbing experience in Croatia.