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Dream Sailing Itinerary: Zadar

Are you wondering where to sail next? Are you charmed by the beauty of Croatia? Then we have the perfect sailing itinerary for you. With the Zadar Sailing Itinerary, you can enjoy the peaceful ambiance and rich history of one of Croatia’s best-kept secrets. The gem that is Zadar. A city situated a little farther north than Dubrovnik and Split, that has succeeded in preserving its authentic culture and remains undiscovered by the masses.

Full of character, Zadar is here to steal your heart. Enjoy the unique mixture of experiences there. From exploring Roman ruins, Venetian architecture to being stunned by modern innovation. Here you will find some of Croatia’s best beaches, music festivals, and National Parks. All while you enjoy perfect sailing conditions and beautiful ports.

This One Week Sailing Itinerary we have prepared with you in mind will give you an excellent overview of all the places you can visit and what stunning scenery awaits you there. However, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our charter experts, who are always ready for you! Now let’s dive in…

Day One – Zadar to Vrgada

Once you have reached Zadar (the most comfortable way being by plane, since there are daily flights to this destination from all corners of the world), you can get on your yacht or catamaran and get this dream sailing holiday started. The first destination, Vrgada, is famous for its natural beauty. With beaches of golden sand, surrounded by pine trees, this island creates an atmosphere people describe as “the Mediterranean as it once was.” Visiting this place feels like a trip back in time. The tourists are greeted on a mule, which is a part of a long-standing tradition.

This is just how this island is, full of authenticity and culture. In Vrgada, you can get a slow start to this exciting journey and relax. For those who like serenity and nature, this is the moment to spend the day on the peaceful beach and stare at the sky, blessedly illuminated by thousands of stars.

Day Two- Vrgada to Sali

Our next destination is the largest village on the Island of Dugi Otok. However, don’t expect a metropolis, because Sali is still home to less than 2,000 residents. This beautiful little village has a long history of agriculture and fishing. Therefore that classic Mediterranean feel is in the air. During your stay, you can admire Sali’s landscape and visit the centuries-old olive groves that add a magical flare to the island.

Day Three – Sali to the Kornati

It’s day 3, time to head to one of the most beautiful places on this itinerary. The Kornati Archipelago is the home of over 100 islands and is widely knowns as a “nautical paradise”. The Kornati Islands are also a National Park that offers two kinds of sailing conditions. For the experienced sailors, we recommend staying on the outer side of the Archipelago, where the wild open sea will provide some fun experiences. While for those less experienced or prone to relaxing time on the water, staying inside the park is a better idea. There you can drop your anchor and enjoy the calm and quiet bay while soaking up the warm sun.

Day Four – More Kornati

This Archipelago is pretty big and has a lot to offer, so why not spend another day here and explore its full potential. Spend some time admiring flora and fauna of these islands, because they are truly unique. The one of a kind underwater ecosystem here features stunning corals, algae and sponges. While on the land you will find an array of herbs and beautiful plants. We recommend you also give a chance to the two best activities here – snorkeling and hiking.

Day Five – The Kornati to Skradin

After you have enjoyed two blissful days in the Kornati, it’s time you get on board again and sail to the next beautiful Mediterranean village. Skradin is precisely that with its narrow streets, fascinating history, and exquisite cuisine. The heritage of this place dates to the Neolithic period. Therefore ancient ruins and medieval fortresses on this island are to be expected. One of the monuments you shouldn’t miss is the Skradin Tower Clock on the Square of Blessed Virgin.

Day Six – Skradin to Zlarin

Next on this dream itinerary is a place often called “the golden island”. Another beautiful Croatian island famous for its stunning landscape and nature. Besides that, however, Zlarin is also known for its unique tradition of harvesting coral. While you’re there, take time to explore the forests of pine and cypress trees, the golden sand beaches, and stunning coves. Furthermore, don’t forget to pick up some coral souvenirs when you visit the one of a kind Museum of Corals in the city of Zlarin.

Day Seven – Zlarin to Zadar

At the end of this dream sailing holiday, it’s time to return where we started and give Zadar the attention it deserves. Once you’ve delivered your charter to the marina, go ahead and spend some time exploring Croatia’s “coolest city”. After all, Zadar is an up and coming cosmopolitan center. This beautiful city has managed to keep the balance between modern and archaic allure. Here you can find a perfect mix between amazing new attractions like the solar powered light floor “Monument to the Sun,” and well-known landmarks such the Land Gate, that used to be the main entrance to Zadar in 1543.

What do you think? Is this sailing itinerary giving you some inspiration for your next sailing holiday in Croatia? Tell us in the comments below or on our Facebook page! If this is not the route for you, check out our Sailing Itinerary in Dalmatia or our Party Sailing Itinerary in Croatia.