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Dream Sailing Itinerary: Šibenik

Emerging from the shadow of its Dalmatian siblings, Šibenik is somewhat of a late-bloomer. Nevertheless, this city is a beautiful flower in the colorful spring crown of Croatia. A destination located so ideally in the Adriatic, between Zadar and Split that it opens the door to all of Dalmatia while offering something completely different and much more secluded than destinations like Dubrovnik.

It is indisputable that the star of this one-week sailing itinerary is the old town of Šibenik. This is where this fantastic sailing holiday begins and ends. However, as many people say, it’s not just about the destination. Here we should also pay attention to the journey itself because there is so much more this adventurous holiday can offer you.

Let’s not waste any more time and reveal this dream Šibenik sailing itinerary We hope we give you some inspiration for this summer. And remember, the Tubber Experts are always here to assist you. Now let’s dive in…

Day One – Šibenik to Zlarin

The first step of this journey is getting on board your yacht in Šibenik and following your sailing itinerary. Don’t worry if you feel like you don’t want to leave this gorgeous city. You will have plenty of time to explore it at the end of the journey. Now it is time to sail. Sail and embark on an incredible adventure in the Adriatic. Starting with a short cruise along the Saint Anthony’s canal that will lead us to the nearby island of Zlarin.

Here are a few things you will notice immediately as you approach the bay. The peacefulness and stunning nature of the tiny island. The complete lack of cars. The cozy marina and the 16th Century Fortress of Saint Nicholas, guarding the archipelago. Spend the day exploring the small island and the night you can relax under the star-filled sky. Definitely, a scenery that captures the heart.

Day Two – Zlarin to Kaprije

Once you have enjoyed the peacefulness of Zlarin, you can head onto the next islands. If you thought it can’t get more relaxing, we would advise you to reconsider. Because the island of Kaprije that is basically inhabited (only around 100 locals) is the ultimate serene destination for exploring and relaxing on the beach. Here again, you will see no cars, but the olives and grape vines are everywhere.

On this island, you will find several cozy moorings, and in the main village, you can enjoy a traditional meal in a nice restaurant. We recommend you dock in the southern end of the island in Nozdra Bay. Make sure you check out the inlet of Borovnjaci on the adjacent island of Kakan before you set sail again.

Day Three & Four – Kaprije to Kornati Islands

After witnessing the serenity of the small islands close to our beginning destination of Šibenik, it is time you calmly make your way to a larger destination. Enjoy a relaxing cruise along the Adriatic and hold your breath when you reach the stunning Kornati Islands.

This archipelago, consisting of more than 100 islands, many of which uninhabited is a real paradise on earth. This sailor’s dream is also a national park and has kept its unique landscape, characterized by small hills and bushes. An important thing to notice here is that you will need to purchase a ticket so sail in the park.

And since there is so much to see and explore, we recommend you take your time and spent one more day here. Take full advantage of this and enjoy a perfect summer holiday by making stops in the remote bays for an afternoon swim or lunch onboard.

Day Five – Kornati Islands to Murter Island

Well rested and ready for more adventures, you can now sail to the next beautiful destination. From the Kornati Islands, you have to decide between two options. Either making a shorter trip to the island of Žut or continuing further to the island of Murter. The one we would recommend is the more famous island of Murter. This place is the home of some of the most stunning beaches in Croatia, as well as many historical monuments. And don’t even get us started on the islands olive oil that is one of the best ones in the world.

However, if you prefer it, you can also sail to sail to Žut. There you can explore hidden coves, small inlets, and quiet beaches. Other itineraries and option for sailing in Croatia are also available. Feel free to check the ones below and find what best fits your needs.

Day Six – Murter to Krka National Park

The finish line is close, and you may be a bit tired by now, but no worries. This next destination will give you plenty of opportunities to rest and enjoy the beautiful nature. Croatia’s famous Krka National Park is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable parts of this holiday. From forested mountains to historic sites, this is what will fill your view as you sail around the park. In Krka, you have the unique opportunity to swim in crystal clear waters while the incredible backdrop of the park’s famous waterfalls is stealing your heart away.

Day Seven – Krka National Park to Šibenik

From Skradin and Krka National Park, you have to sail shortly to get back to Šibenik. And you know what that means. Plenty of time to explore this gem you briefly saw at the beginning of this fantastic week. Šibenik is the ultimate destination that offers everything one could want from an Adriatic holiday. From clam streets and ancient city, walls to clear waters and blissfully peaceful marinas. This is one of the significant advantages of Šibenik compared to its neighbor Zadar – the peacefulness. That is where the beauty of sailing in Šibenik hides. This is a place where both new and experienced sailors can hone their sailing skills and enjoying sailing without any crowds standing the way.

Furthermore, Šibenik has established itself as a fantastic destination for those who love gourmet food and top class restaurants. Pelegrini is the excellent fine-dining place that received a Michelin Star and pushed the food scene of Šibenik onto the international stage.

If you are not a fan of the showy glam of Hvar or Dubrovnik, a sailing holiday in Šibenik is the perfect alternative. Here you can explore the beauty of the medieval city, gain easy access to unspoiled wilderness and sail in one of Croatia’s most promising areas.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to embark on this dream sailing holiday and follow the Šibenik Itinerary or do you want to explore a different side of Croatia? Tell us in the comments below or on our Facebook Page. And remember, if you need help with chartering a yacht, the Tubber Experts are always here to help!