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Dream Sailing Itinerary: Pula

Croatia is a country that has hidden so much of the world's beauty within its charming islands, sheltered bays, and picturesque cities. It is a place that longs to be discovered. A destination that welcomes you with the earnest heart and reveals its treasures gladly. Every part of Croatia is like a diamond. No two are the same, but they all shine bright in the light of the warm sun.

Such a diamond tucked away in the magical region of Istria, is the ancient town of Pula. For 3 000 years, this city has inspired, charmed, and supported sailors from all over the world. Known as the sailing haven of Croatia, the strategic location of the city, its blinding beauty, and unforgettable history only add to its attractiveness. Just like many others, we have fallen under the spell of Pula and the Istria Peninsula. And we do not plan ever to break that spell.

Therefore, we decided to invite you into this dream world with this one-week sailing itinerary. Starting from the lovely Pula, you will embark on an adventure across islands. You will be submerged in culture, history, and nature. The warm touch of Croatia will fall on you, and we can guarantee you will love that magical spell just as much as we do.

From the Brijuni National Park to Lošinj, from April to September, from relaxing charm-rich islands to quiet and well-equipped marinas. This is the dream sailing holiday around Pula, and we encourage you to dive straight in. A family, a couple or an explorer, this itinerary will offer something for all of you. Prepare to lose yourself, rediscover the beauty of nature, and fall in love.

Day One: Pula to Brijuni National Park

Before starting this exciting Pula sailing itinerary, take a moment to appreciate how stunning this city is. This ancient town bursting with Mediterranean charm has a lot to offer. But no worries, you will be coming back here at the end of the week, so you will have two opportunities to explore it. We recommend you start with some of the top sites. Pass through the Arch of Triumph on your way to the ancient temple of Augustus. If you have time, a visit to the Roman Amphitheatre is a must as it has become the landmark of Pula.

Once you have enjoyed one of the brightest stars of this journey, let’s get on board and sail toward the nearby Brijuni National Park, situated approximately 5 NM away. This park is made of 14 islands, but the one we recommend for an overnight stay is Veli Brijun, which is also the largest one. Here you can enjoy cycling and long walks around the stunning island’s trails.

Day 2: Veli Brijun to Susak

After we have had a fantastic start, it’s time for everything to go even more up the hill. On the second day of this journey, the sailing will definitely be longer but also very enjoyable, as you will pass through the southern tip of the Istrian Peninsula and the resort of Premantura before you reach the Island of Susak. Situated around 28 NM away, this island is the perfect place to relax and enjoy summer.

The whole area is known for the magical hidden coves, gold sanded secluded beaches and waters with a hue that varies from deep sea blue to bright forest green. You can take a whole day to relax here. Some swimming, sunbathing and observing nature is recommended as the view here is undeniably one of the best in Croatia.

Day 3: Susak to Premuda

For our next destination, we head to the small island of Premuda. A big selling point of this place is that it is very close to Zadar, so a trip there is also possible. Leaving the Lošinj archipelago and Susak, you will sail for 18 NM before you reach this rugged island. Famous for its stone pine trees and evergreen vegetation, this place is perfect for long walks and relaxing in untouched nature.

On Premuda there is plenty of bays and small ports surrounded by charming traditional taverns. The island is also perfect for all of you diving enthusiast out there. There is a special place on the island called the “Katedrala”. This is a cave system with specially installed lights that create a unique sight.

Day 4: Premuda to Dugi Otok

Once you have enjoyed the herbal aroma of Premuda, you sail south to Dugi Otok. Known as the “long island”, this island is just 15 NM away. On the way there you will see the islands Škarda, Ist and Molat, which you can feel free to explore. In Dugi Otok, you have a choice whether to anchor in the large Bay of Sakarun or to continue sailing to Veli Rat, where you will find a small but modern marina.

Veli Rat is beloved for its lighthouse – the Punta Bjanca. While Dugi Otok itself is famous for its steep cliffs, vineyards and the Nature Park Telašćica on the southern end.

Day 5: Dugi Otok to Silba

Day five is upon us, and it will bring you to the island of pristine beaches and ultimate relaxation – Silba. There you can go for the small marina of Mul or the popular Porat Sv. Ante. The island is known for the perfectly soft sand, pebble beaches, which haven’t been touched by mass tourism. You reach these beautiful, safe heavens by a small pathway by foot.

The most popular ones are the Sotorisce beach, situated on the southern side of the island and the stone beach in the Bay of Pocukmarak. Take the day to enjoy the warm turquoise waters. An exciting activity you can perform here is climbing the “Tower of Love”, which was created to eternalize the love between a Croatian captain and his young wife. If this is not the perfect honeymoon destination, we don’t know what is.

Day 6: Silba to Lošinj

The next destination of the Pula Sailing Itinerary will bring us back to the Lošinj Archipelago. This time we will visit the island itself. Known as “island of vitality” Lošinj is a place where nature takes over with the aroma of flowers and herbs. On this island, you can again choose from the smaller marinas in Veli Lošinj or the large bay in of Artatore.

The island of Lošinj takes pride in the development of its health tourism, which is a huge benefit. You can enjoy more than 250 km of walking, hiking and biking paths. Explore the stunning nature of Croatia and take in the lovely scent of blooming fields. Also, if you go for Artatore, you will not be disappointed since there are plenty of traditional restaurants here that offer local dishes. Besides, the village is known for its hospitality and authentic culture, so if you are looking to understand the people of Croatia, this is the place.

Day 7: Lošinj to Pula

Unfortunately, the last day of the Pula sailing itinerary is here. On the end of this fantastic week, it is time to sail back to Pula. Allow yourself to take in everything from these last moments and breathe in the refreshing breeze. On the way back, you may want to make a quick stop at any of the islands you missed the first time.

Furthermore, once you bring back your chartered yacht in Pula, you have a second opportunity to enjoy the beauty and exciting history of this city. If you are spending the night here, we highly recommend an evening at Konoba Medeja. They offer an excellent wine list and typical regional dishes. This will also allow you to witness the beauty of Pula under the night sky, which is the perfect end of a fantastic sailing holiday.

We hope this sailing itinerary starting from Pula inspired you, and if you want more or you are longing to explore a different area of Croatia, here are a few suggested itineraries:

So, what do you think? Does this one-week sailing itinerary from Pula and around the Istria Peninsula sound like the perfect route for you? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below or on our Facebook Page. And remember, if you need help with chartering a yacht, the Tubber Experts are always here to help!