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The Ultimate Croatia Party Itinerary

Croatia is usually the place that comes to mind when thinking about beautiful landscapes, crystal blue waters, and pristine nature. This stunning country is already a dream sailing holiday destination. However, did you also know that Croatia has some of the best party cities and events in the world?

From music festivals and boat parties to the perfect weather and beach bars, Croatia is guaranteed to turn up the heat this summer! That is why we are bringing you this Sailing Party Itinerary that will allow you to explore this beautiful country and have a ton of fun! Let’s get this party started…

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Party Destination #1 – Pula

We start our sailing party itinerary list with Pula. Set on the beautiful Adriatic Sea, Pula is the party destination where it all begins. Pula is famous for being the home of fantastic festivals, such as Outlook Festival, the city of fresh and affordable cuisine, and the keeper of the most complete Roman Colosseum in existence. Therefore, we can’t argue that the star of the city is the Arena. This Roman amphitheater, constructed between 27 BC and 68 AD, it is the only one that has a complete circle wall, and it’s definitely one of Croatia’s architectural gems. We would also add a reason enough to visit this extraordinary country.

However, as much as we love culture and history, we also like to party, so let’s talk about Outlook Festival. And we know, you don’t need much to convince you how amazing this event is. With headliners like Damien ‘Jr Gong’ Marley, Stormzy and Andy C, the festival is one of the top summer parties. Therefore, if you are a fan of techno, house, grime, reggae, and dubstep, this is the place for you. The top of the ice-cream is that BBC, as well as the London’s Drum and Bass Arena Awards, voted this festival to have Europe’s top sound system at a cultural festival.

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Party Destination #2 – Rab

Next, we are heading to Rab. Our first destination Pula is situated close to this tiny island. So after you finish your fantastic experience at the festival, you can get on your yacht and sail to this place. Rab is well-known for its beautiful nature, beach parties and nightclubs. For the last few years it has continuously gained momentum in the Croatian Party Scene and this summer we want to make sure you don’t miss it.

We can recommend you check out the front-runners in the party competition, which are Santos Beach Club and Escape. If you want to enjoy live music, go-go dancers and have fun all night, Santos is the place for you. And if you are a real party animal, you can also head to Escape which is the ultimate after-hours venue. When everyone has gone home, Escape is just getting started. These people take the saying “party till the sun comes up” to a whole new level.

Party Destination #3 – Pag

We hope you’re not getting tired because the party is just getting started. Next on the list is Pag. A beautiful island situated just south of Rab and only 40 minutes away from Zadar. Also known as the Croatian Ibiza, this beach party destination offers a wide variety of clubs and nightlife activities. From the pool parties at Aquarius to the electronic festivals at the Papaya club, you have to be prepared to dance the night away. A night or two here will make you fall in love with Croatia. In case you haven’t already.

Party Destination #4 – Split

Our next party destination is in the big league, so get ready and prepare to sail south to Split. This is the largest city in Dalmatia, and one thing is certain. Split never disappoints when it comes to throwing some huge parties. And all we need to say is the three magical words: Ultra Music Festival. This world-renowned festival gathers partygoers all around the world every year.

However, even if you are not sure if you can make it to this festival, there is no need to worry. Split never sleeps. The moment the sun sets, the fun begins. At bars and clubs such as the Hemingway and The Masters, the party goes on all night long, and the clubbing atmosphere never goes away.
We’re getting closer to the finish line. However, if you think this is not enough for you, go ahead and check out our list of the Top 7 Music Festivals in Croatia.

Party Destination #5 – Hvar

The last location from our list with sailing-party itinerary destinations is the unforgettable Hvar. The party never stops, and the show must go on; however, we have reached the last destination on this list. Our final and most southern destination is definitely the best in Croatia. Also known as the sunniest island in Croatia, Hvar is a real party paradise on earth. Maybe it’s the sun that makes this energetic vibe so powerful. Perhaps it’s the fantastic clubs and the beach oasis surrounding you. Honestly, we don’t care, the fact is that Hvar is fantastic.

Make sure you visit Carpe Diem because this club has it all. A swimming pool, amazing DJs, tropical cocktails, and a killer ambience. Furthermore, we also have Veneranda. A total crowd favourite that is located inside an ancient Venetian fortress. The swimming pool, open-air cinema, and fantastic music are to be expected.

Whether you’re living your best life and looking for the best party destinations in Croatia or you just want to enjoy a relaxing summer holiday, Croatia has something for everyone. With Tubber, it is guaranteed you will find what you’re looking for. Feel free to share these incredible party destinations with your friends and check out our Facebook Page. We are sure they will get inspired for this summer. And don’t forget, our experts are always here to help you out!