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Azores: 1 Week Sailing Trip

If you find sailing to historically protected cities by UNESCO, visiting beautiful vineyards, watching whales and dolphins in the open water, and admiring the Caldeira Volcano enjoyable, then this post is for you. It is full of activities suitable for a one-week sailing holiday around the Azores. Take notes and enjoy your journey this summer. You can rent a boat in the Azores with Tubber.

Why the Azores is a perfect destination for one week sailing holiday in summer 2020?

DAY 1: Sail to Velas (São Jorge Island), 22 miles and visit Velas/São Jorge

Be amazed by touring at the unique natural setting of Velas Marina, sheltered by huge cliffs of 200 m. Discover the enchanting towns of Velas and Calheta and cross the thin (8 km) but steep Island (300 m) to visit some of its more fabulous fajas (low tongues of lava at the bottom of steep volcanic cliffs), Cubres, Ouvidor and, especially, Santo Cristo. Santo Cristo is a unique natural lagoon ring-shaped, that is now becoming a surfing sanctuary.

Must visit: Town of Velas; Fajã dos Cubres, Fajã do Ouvidor, and Fajã de Santo Cristo.

DAY 2: Sail to Angra do Heroísmo (Terceira Island), 49 miles

Enjoy a full day of sailing. Cross your fingers for a breathtaking ride shared with dolphins and, perhaps, turtles and whales! You might be the lucky one.

DAY 3: Visit Terceira Island

Once in Angra do Heroísmo, get yourself lost in the immaculate and well-preserved streets of one of the most historical cities of Portugal and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Still, Terceira does not end in the unique charm of Angra. You must drive along the green leaves of a truly stunning landscape towards Algra do Carvão caves, with its magnificent stalagmites, stalactites, and a lake. And by the way, Terceira is the land of joy and excitement in the Azores.

Must visit: UNESCO city of Angra do Heroísmo; Algar do Carvão caves.

DAY 4: Sail to Lajes do Pico (Pico Island), 54 miles

Enjoy another full day of sailing and admire the natural beauty of Pico’s rough south coast before entering the birthplace of the Azorean once legendary whale industry, Lajes do Pico.

DAY 5: Visit Pico Island

Organize yourself. One day to visit Pico is the least you can do. Start in the heart of its ancient whaling culture, visiting the Whalemen’s Museum at Lajes do Pico Island Vineyard Culture, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Continue through the coastline, and you will be amazed by the roughness of its magma setting. Once in São Roque do Pico visit the Whaling Industry Museum and start climbing the mountain back to Lajes do Pico, stopping at the altitude lagoons of Capitão and Calado.

Must visit: Landscape of the Pico Island Vineyard Culture; Whalemen’s Museum at Lajes do Pico and Whaling Industry Museum at São Roque do Pico; Capitão and Caiado Lagoons.

DAY 6: Sail back to Horta (Faial Island), 21 miles

Arrive at Horta Marina and get yourself a well-deserved last night on board, along with a mythical Gin at Peter’s Cafe Sport to celebrate a full week of sailing while traveling and discovering the wonderful Azores. But don’t forget, Faial is not only about yachts, the Marina and Horta. Don’t leave us before admiring the Caldeira Volcano, a deep crater of 2000 x 400 meters and Capelinhos Volcano, an almost lunar and arid landscaped of 3 square km conquered to the sea by more than 300 explosions and earthquakes in 1957.

Must visit: Caldeira and Capelinhos Volcano. 

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