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Top 5 Affordable Sailing Islands

These are 5 top destinations for sailing at a reasonable price. There is plenty to do on these cheap islands. You could rent a motorboat in Croatia or rent a yacht with a captain. Sail from island to island and spend the night in charming bays or beautiful small traditional towns.

The cheap sailing island of Corfu, Greece

Starting with the islands, Corfu in Greece is the first cheap island to sail to. Corfu is an ideal starting point for your sailing holiday in Greece. The island is the northernmost and evergreen Ionian island. Also, it is separated from Albania by a strait of two kilometers. The landscape of Corfu is very varied. The north of Corfu is mountainous and lends itself to beautiful hikes, beautiful bays, and charming villages. The middle of the island of Corfu is hilly, and in the south – a low plain with beautiful olive trees and cypresses. The Ionian Sea is known as the Caribbean of the Mediterranean. In Corfu, you can rent a bareboat sailing yacht or a sailing yacht with a skipper. Not to forget, for the real catamaran sailors are plenty of offers with or without skipper.

Hvar, Croatia

Hvar is very popular with royalty, jet set, and loved by many celebrities. For this reason, the island is a trendy and lively and exudes luxury. However, it is also a popular destination for tourists looking for peace and an affordable holiday destination. It is also part of our classification with the top cheap sailing islands. For young people, Hvar is a fantastic place because of the lively nightlife, a real party island!

The party side of Hvar, Croatia

‘After Beach Parties’ are trendy on the island, and a favorite place of many is Club Carpe Diem in the harbor. The parties on the beautiful boulevard are also fantastic — places of entertainment where you must have been: Club Veneranda (a club on top of a mountain near old ruins). From the central square, you walk past Hotel Adriana, and then you’re almost there. Hula Hula (nice bar at sea), 15 min walk from the centrally located square, between the hotel Amfora and Hotel Podstine), and the Kiva Bar (Rock music and tequila are the main ingredients).

Excellent restaurants on your way!

There are plenty of excellent restaurants in the city. At the restaurants along the boulevard, you can enjoy the beautiful view. Exclusive restaurants are in narrow alleys near the central square. Moreover, the best restaurants where you can eat well for an excellent price are Vartal, Bonaca, Posteni, Gariful, Passarola, and Robinson. The best beaches are the pebble beach of camping Vira and the beaches of the Pakleni Otoci (Pakleni Islands) with its beautiful bays.

Kornati National Park, Croatia

The Kornati National Park is open all year round so that you can enjoy the fresh air, peace, and beautiful scenery whenever you want. The park is the place for sailors who love harmony in the uninhabited area! Kornat is pre-eminently the location for a Robinson-style sailing holiday. There are 25 restaurants in National Park Kornati, most of which have local dishes on the menu. Fish, seafood specialties and dishes prepared with lamb from Kornat are specialties. Every first Sunday of July is the Catholic holiday of the Madonna of Tarca. There are festivities on the Kornati Islands on this day. The Kornati Cup is a traditional sailboat regatta at the beginning of the tourist season in April. Rent a yacht Croatia price!

Non-crowded, non-touristy destination

For those seeking social distancing – this place is suitable for that. The Kornat is an archipelago of small islands in an isolated area. It is perfect for relaxation and social distancing.

Majorca, Spain

Mallorca is one of the cheap islands for sailing on a yacht or boat. The island is spread over many miles of open water. It offers adventurous sailing on open water for experienced sailors. Do you dare to sail along the coast in the sparkling Balearic Sea? Less skilled sailors can make short trips between hidden calas. More experienced crews can go on more robust, longer sailing trips with stronger winds—rent sailing yachts from Ca’n Pastilla. The villages are initially a fishing village, located on beautiful beaches with azure water to swim in. You can endlessly walk on the beautiful boulevard, and the shops are open until 10 pm. Good dining and a drink, there is plenty of choice on one of the many terraces.

Lefkada, Greece

Last but not least, Lefkada in Greece is another cheap island to sail to in the summertime. The island Lefkada owes its name to the white beaches and white rocks at Cape Lefkada, but it is one of the greenest islands in Greece. Because of the relatively short sailing distances and weak wind, this is a must for the less experienced sailors. It is best to fly to Aktion National Airport near Preveza.
The White Cape (Lefkada) is already visible far from the sea. At the place where the lighthouse now stands, once stood a temple in honor of Apollo.

The cape jump

The cape jump has the breathtaking 236 meters down in the ferocious breakers below. In addition, it has been the Greek equivalent of the witch leap from the Middle Ages. If you survived the drop, you were innocent, if you died justice was done. The Ionian Sea is a significant departure point for renting a sailing yacht, catamaran, or motorboat. We rent out some catamarans from Lefkas, but it is mainly monohulls that are most in-demand here.

Social distancing destination

Even though Lefkada in Greece is a well-known destination, it definitely is not a crowded place. Yes, there are tourists that are exploring around and might gather in groups here and there. Nevertheless, you have a lot of choices for quiet areas to relax around and be far from the crowds.