Sailing experience in the seaside

Born to sail is a range of interviews with people who love boating and sailing. You will discover her first sailing experience and favorite sailing destination. In this interview we will look into the sailing experience of Brigita Dirziute.

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Brigita, and a few weeks ago I joined Tubber’s marketing team. How would I describe my ideal job? – Job at Tubber. Here I can combine my passion for sailing and online marketing.

What is your favorite type of boat?

Speed boat or sailing yacht.

How many days do you sail per year?

Usually, I sail during Christmas for about 2 weeks and in the summer for around 3 to 4 weeks. I wish I could do it more often, however, every year there is less and less time for the holidays.

What is your first memory of sailing?

My first memory of sailing experience was that I was afraid to death. First of all, I didn’t know how to swim and at that time I had an irrational fear that the boat will sink. Then I also have a light sea sickness, so I thought that being on board is absolutely not my thing until we sailed from St.Barth to St. Maarten and everything changed. It’s a very short distance between those two islands, but I could have never imagined how peaceful it is to sail. And out of a sudden, the fear of getting on board was gone, as well as the sea sickness.

Born to Sail: Brigita Dirziute Tubbber

What is your favorite sailing location in the world, and why?

I would say St. Barth, it’s a very small island, so in the marina, it feels like you are surrounded by the family – everyone is very friendly and helpful. Nature in St.Barth is breathtaking as well as water for snorkeling.  

Tell us about your best sailing trip.

The best sailing trip was with my friends going from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi island in Thailand. We took our snorkeling gear, since in Koh Phi Phi the water is crystal clear, so you can swim alongside the fishes, which are breathtaking (and ticklish).Born to Sail: Brigita Dirziute Tubbber

What is your opinion on drinking on board? What is your favorite drink while boating?

I don’t drink on board, because of my light sea sickness. However, a glass of wine in the marina is always a great idea or a cup of tea, since it usually gets cold in the evening.

Born to Sail: Brigita Dirziute Tubbber

What is your advice for beginners?

Fly over to an exotic destination such as Thailand, Philippines or the Caribbean and rent a boat. There is nothing better than hopping on a plane and running away from the winter in Europe!

Describe in 3 words your outlook on spending free time on the water?

Freedom, nature, and silence.