Sailing on boat

Born to sail is a range of interviews with people who love boating and sailing. You will discover about their first experience on the boat, favorite sailing  locations, tips and suggestions. In this interview, Benjamin Bergsma tells us what he loves about sailing.

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Benjamin. A few weeks ago I started to work as a marketeer at Tubber. On this platform, you can rent boats all around the world. I have been sailing my whole life. It is an ideal job for me because I can combine my passion for sailing and love for marketing.

What is your favorite type of boat?

I do not have a preference for one type of boat. Sailing yachts are cool, but I like sailing inshore races in smaller boats as well.

Born to Sail: Benjamin Bergsma Tubbber

How many days do you sail per year?

When I used to do inshore sailing on a Yngling in Holland, I was participating in races almost every weekend during the season. Around 30 days of racing and a lot of training hours.

What is your first memory of being on board of the boat?

I started sailing an optimist when I was eight years old. I remember receiving my first optimist. Unpacking this little boat was already a party. My first day of sailing was a day with lots of wind and rain. The bad weather did not stop me from enjoying sailing. It made me love it even more.

What is your favorite sailing location in the world, and why?

The Caribbean. This area is always very warm and sunny. I want to have an opportunity to go out on the water at any given time. The Caribbean is an area where the wind is always a constant factor. The breeze is always good enough to go on a trip. There are a lot of islands where you can sail to. That makes up for a really diverse trip.

Tell us about your best sailing trip.

Last summer, we had a few nice summer weeks in the Netherlands. I rented a 42 feet sailing boat with some friends of mine. In 2 weeks we sailed around the whole area of the IJsselmeer. That’s  probably the best sailing you can do in the Netherlands. We went to all well-known harbours around the IJsselmeer. Our trip ended in Sneek where we visited the last two days of the biggest European inshore sailing event called the Sneekweek.

Born to Sail: Benjamin Bergsma Tubbber

Benjamin Bergsma Sailing in Loosdrecht

What is your opinion on drinking on board? What is your favorite drink while boating?

You should not drink during your sailing trip, especially when you are the skipper. Of course, you can drink something when you are safely back in the harbor or bay where you are staying for the night. My favorite drink is a nice cold beer.

What is your advice for beginners?

Buying a boat is pretty expensive. It might be smart to take some lessons before you buy a boat. You can also experience the beauty of sailing when you rent a boat with a skipper included. It is a perfect way to learn about sailing and find out if sailing is for you.

What other sailors could learn from you?

You can sail on a lot of different places. Trying out some new destinations can be a great experience. Sailing in a flotilla is a fun way to meet people and discover the most awesome spots in the world. Being a good sailor takes a lot of time. Keep sailing after finishing your sailing lessons, that way you can enjoy sailing even more.

Are there any rules or traditions on board of your boat?

If I would own a boat, I think I will only have two rules.
Always listen to the skipper and his instructions. The second rule would be: Always enjoy sailing as much as possible.

Describe in 3 words your outlook on spending free time on the water?

Discovering new spots, relaxation and the beautiful weather.

If you could design your ideal boat what 3 elements/features would you add to it?

The boat should have a good stereo system. It is always nice to listen to some music when you are sailing on open water. The beds SHOULD be big enough for somebody who has a length of two meters. Last but not least it would be nice to have wi-fi on your boat. Just to make contact with the homefront a bit easier.