No matter if you are a knowledgeable sailor or a first-time sailing enthusiast craving for exciting adventures, one thing is certain. Finding the perfect destination for your dream holiday is essential. If this is your first sailing vacation, you probably have many questions. What locations will offer the most stunning landscapes, the most relaxing atmosphere and the most memorable experiences at sea? Where are the safest and most equipped harbors? Where can I find that perfect weather?
No need to worry, because this article will give you the answers you need. We will show you 5 of the most comfortable sailing destinations for beginners that are also incredibly beautiful. Let’s dive in!


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The sailing season in Turkey begins in April and ends in October. The first thing that makes this one of the easiest locations for first-time sailors is the forgiving weather of the Mediterranean climate. Good visibility, long and hot summer with little rain make the Aegean Sea and Turkey a good choice for every beginner that likes to enjoy a relaxing time on the water.

Furthermore, Turkey is not very frequented in comparison with other well-known sailing destinations for beginners. This gives it a serene atmosphere. While the ideal infrastructure, the numerous anchor points, and sheltered harbors guarantee a safe and comfortable experience.

While sailing the calm waters of the Aegean Sea make sure to visit Fethiye. A town rich in historical treasures such as the 2,300-year-old tombs that were carved into the sheer cliff face. Besides culture, fantastic food and incredible views, the city has a harbor sheltered by a small island. The abundant number of anchor points and its 12 meter deep waters are suitable for beginners. A place where you can learn the art of sailing and witness the beauty of Turkey.


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Next on our list is green Slovenia. The only country with “love” present in its name, this place is quick to charm many sailors with its beauty. However, it is not just the unforgettable nature and stunning historic cities that make this place a desirable holiday destination.

Slovenia is on the Adriatic coast, and because of its Mediterranean climate, the winters are mild, and the summers are not unbearably hot either. The sea currents are not too fast, and the water is relatively shallow as a result of a small tidal range. This makes it more suitable to sail with smaller boats, which is just another opportunity to experience something different and explore all the various adventures sailing can offer you.

We recommend you visit two of the best ports Slovenia has to offer while you are there: Izola and Portoroz. The seaport of Izola has a capacity of 700 boats that has 24-hour security, and Portoroz is the first modern Slovenian harbor. And if by now you already get the hang of sailing, you can combine your holiday in Slovenia with a trip to the Italian coast. After all, Trieste is only 5 sea miles away and full of adventures!

Read more about the amazing adventures of Italy that didn’t make this list, but is definitely a place worth visiting – A sailing holiday in beautiful Italy.


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No sailing destination list is complete without the beautiful Greece and this ranking is no different, because Greece is truly one of the most suitable places to start experiencing the amazing world of sailing.

However, above all the beautiful places you can visit in Greece we highly recommend Lefkada (Lefkas). This island, situated on the western coast of Greece in the Ionian Sea, is the perfect sailing destination for beginners. It has peaceful and quiet water, moderate northwestern wind from April to November and a pleasant temperature of 24 to 28 degrees Celsius. If you have that adventurous spirit and you want to see all the beauty Greece holds, you can also pay a visit to Santorini, Mykonos or Corfu. Their beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts, and many nightlife activities will not disappoint.

There is something undeniably magical and serene about the Greek Islands. It could be because of its thrilling history, the endless sunshine or the numerous picturesque islands that offer the best island-hopping itinerary, however one thing is certain – this mystery is for you to discover.


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No matter if you call it the ‘new Greece’, the ‘new Riviera’ or the ‘new Tuscany’, Croatia is definitely the well-kept secret of travellers that despite the attention remains authentic and magical. As one of the most popular destinations to bareboat, this beautiful place offers the perfect conditions for any beginner. Blessed with persistent sunshine, mild temperatures and gentle northerly winds Croatia is the place you should visit, especially between the months of May and September.

The Dalmatian Coast is the home of over 1 000 islands that have accumulated years of fascinating history, charming culture and delicious cuisine. There is a lot to explore, and there is no better way to do this than to sail it and discover the traditional fishing villages, remote islands and hidden coves.

Once you are there, you can truly appreciate this gem and to make the experience complete, we suggest you set foot on the island of Hvar. Even though sailors prefer to stay along the coast, the interior of this place is just as stunning as the turquoise waters. Therefore we recommend you take a trip off the boat and witness the blooming lilac and lavender fields about to burst with color and scents. Just don’t forget to tell us how beautiful it was on our Facebook Page or in the comment section below!

British Virgin Islands

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Leaving the best for last is widely used technique, and even though we think all these places are unique and beautiful in their own way, we have to admit the British Virgin Islands is the place that pops up every time “beginner” and “sailing” are used in the same sentence. By now you may have already decided where you want to go for your holiday and the questions you had probably disappeared. Who knows, maybe you already sailed in the Ionian Sea and saw the lavender fields of Croatia, but that doesn’t matter, because these islands are a must for every sailor – experienced or not.

The British Virgin Islands are a synonym for protected serene turquoise waters. Located in the northeast Caribbean, these islands offer the idyllic sailing conditions both for beginners and experienced sailors who want to enjoy a relaxing holiday on the water. From consistent winds and easy anchoring depths to minimal distance between islands and hundreds of anchorages, all within sight of each other.

And if you thought it could not get any better, think again, because the BVI are also rich in culture and ambiance. Not to mention the famous beach bars, white sand beaches and the occasional uninhabited island that you can explore. British Virgin Islands is both an adventure and a relaxing holiday, both easy to sail and rich in experiences and when all that comes together you get the perfect place for a sailing holiday.