You’ve booked your dream getaway…a sailing holiday where you will spend your days relaxing on the deck, soaking up the sun, island-hopping to wherever your heart desires, and exploring new lands you never even knew existed. Everything is going just as you had dreamed, up until the dreaded fear of seasickness takes over and you find yourself far from having fun. Though so unfortunate, this inevitably happens to many people who head out on – especially their first – sailing holiday. However, there are ways to make sure that if and when that does happen to you, you know how to combat the sickness and be well on your way to making the absolute most out of your time on board. Here are 10 ways to do just that…

1. Use Helming or Distraction

There is a great chance that you also have at some point in your life experienced car sickness, and you know very well that if you were just driving the car yourself, you wouldn’t be sick at all. Well, the same principle can be used for boating. If you start to feel sick, begin to steer the boat yourself and focus on the horizon ahead. Although this method has indeed worked for people, it may be possible that the last thing you want to do is helm a boat while feeling so nauseous. If it seems like the best option at the time, go for it.

2. Ginger

As you may know, Ginger is a natural stomach settler and does very well at combating seasickness. There are a ton of various forms of ginger in both food and drink. It is strongly advised – even if you think you won’t get seasick – that you have plenty of Ginger Ale stocked up in the fridge, just in case. Also, there are other options such as ginger candy, cookies, biscuits, or water and tea with fresh ginger. Whatever you can get your hands on, ginger will prove a lifesaver for those seasick moments aboard.

10 Solutions on How to Combat Seasickness Tubbber

Ginger Tea

3. Affirmations & Positive Statements

This may seem quite silly to some of you but it has in fact proven itself to combat those with seasick at times. Here is an example of how to use affirmations and positive statements to yourself to help with feeling sick while on board…

Address the PROBLEM – Seasickness.

Probable Cause – Fear or lack of control.

New Thought Pattern – “I am completely safe, nothing will happen to me, and I am at peace.”

4. Hypnosis for seasickness

Although many people are apprehensive about the whole idea of hypnosis, it is something that may very well help you cure not only seasickness and motion sickness but also vertigo. One great example of available hypnosis is a CD done by Giovanni Lordi (Mind Journeys). Google his name and it will pop up. If hypnosis has worked for you in the past, give this a try.

5 Sea Bands & Acupressure

If you begin to feel seasick while on board during your sailing adventures, there is a simple acupressure spot you can turn to that may help combat your illness. Simply place three fingers lengthwise at the base of your wrist, press down just below and in the middle of your arm. Although this will most likely work, it may be just a temporary settler for the seasickness. Another option is Sea Bands, which are invented wristbands with balls inserted in them that put pressure on that exact spot. A ton of people swear by these.

6. Nevastic Audio

Hop on your phone before your trip and download an app called Nevastic Audio, which was invented and clinically proven to help combat nausea and vomiting linked to motion sickness. It takes 27 minutes to run through, where you will listen to a series of songs and noises which must be done by wearing headphones as it balances the sounds. It is a good option to treat seasickness for your kids. You may want to invest in this app if you plan to travel with your children.

10 Solutions on How to Combat Seasickness Tubbber

Sail Boat

7. Nelsons Travella

This is a homeopathic remedy where it combines Staphisagria, Apomorph, Cocculus, Petroleum, Theridion, Nux vomica, and Tabacum to help with the seasickness. This type of medication can be typically found in your local health or supplement store with others like it right next to it. If you can get your hands on some of this before your trip, it is definitely worth it.

8. Explorer Relieve Band

Much like the idea of the before mentioned Sea Bands, the Relief Band actually sends through an electrical current into your very pressure point. If you have never tried these types of bands, be aware that it will usually cause either your palm or middle finger to tingle and this is very normal, so do not be frightened. There are 5 different levels of electrical current strength that you can adjust when needed. It costs about 80 euros and it is definitely an investment if you have tried other types of cures but have never had the success you were hoping for.

9. Scopoderm TTS or Scopolamine INN Patches

One of the biggest problems people with seasickness and vomit tend to face is taking pills that their stomachs simply cannot keep down. This is when the Scopoderm TTS or Scopolamine INN Patches come in handy. If you are feeling sick and have/are going to vomit, slap on one of these patches and wait for your stomach to settle. Although it is not guaranteed, these seem to work fairly well.

10. Cinnarizine/Stugeron

Unlike the above, this is actually a pill to be swallowed and will help PREVENT the phenomen of vomitting and dehydration, which in turn makes you lose all of your liquids and causes even more severe dehydration. The one thing that should be noted about this option is the fact that it can cause sleepiness. However, if you would rather deal with being tired as compared to vomiting during your sailing holiday, this is a fantastic option!

Remember to stay positive, hang in there, and know that your seasickness WILL pass!



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